Sunday, September 9, 2012

Visualizing my future

Friday was my last day of work before I begin disability.  This is super hard for me because I come from a long line of hard workers.  My work as a therapist is connected to my worth.  So to be home will be a challenge.  But I am also looking forward to taking on more at home.  Being with my son during the day feels like a gift that cancer has given me.  I am also worried about the financial impact of not working- but trying to trust that everything will be okay.

I have lots of ideas for art that I will begin on Monday and can't wait to share.  My chemotherapy was supposed to begin on Tuesday, but now we are scheduled for September 18th.  The waiting feels like it is literally killing me.  I want to get started.  I am tired of anticipating this horrible thing.  Perhaps it won't be as bad as I imagine.

Today I thought I would share a piece of artwork that I made a couple of weeks after my diagnosis.  I watched a Ted Talk with Patti Dobrowlski which I have linked to below.  She is a wonderful speaker who talks about using your imagination and visual imagery to help you recognize what you want in your life and to motivate you to obtain it.

She is also kind enough to include a link so that you can print up your own "Draw your Future" template.  You just need to give her your e-mail address.  I gave her my address and haven't been inundated with junk mail so I am pretty sure you are safe.  I thought I would share my finished piece with you.   I see a life free of cancer- where my children, husband, and I are happy and healthy.  Where money is plenty.  And I have cute new short sassy hair cut.  I believe it is going to happen.  And I will do everything in my power to take care of myself and work with my doctors so that it does happen.


  1. I like this exercise. Thanks for including the video.......going to try it. Love your new reality.....cute curly hair, sassy dress and happy, healthy family.

  2. Thanks for sharing Deann. I am in awe of your own are so strong and YOU WILL BEAT THIS. I just know it. xoxox