Thursday, October 11, 2012

Calaca for 10-11-12

Second chemotherapy session completed - four more to go - but I won't say I am 1/3rd done until after this week, since I now know from experience the next week is the hard part.  I am trying to get enough fluids, eat right, rest, and be gentle with myself.  On top of all of the physical discomfort, the sadness of my mother and sister's return home to Texas has been challenging.

This calaca is one from my monster series.  She makes me smile- which is what I need today.  Here is her cute little friend.
Hope everyone has a beautiful Thursday.  I did wake up this morning to a lovely package of delicious cookies from my sister in law with the most beautiful cards from my niece.  So things are looking up.

 For more Calaca love, visit Rebecca's blog here.
Maybe you can leave a comment of a good movie I can watch that will make me laugh this weekend.
No sadness- I am having enough of that.  Time to turn things around.


  1. You could watch a Fellini movie! 8 1/2, La Dolce Vita, Amarcord, Juliet of the Spirits? Always a visual treat. Sending you <3

  2. Alphabetty Monsters are adorable!

    Funny movies - here's a list of some that are ranked in the top 100. I liked the movie, Soap Dish, which is not on the list. It's a parody of soap operas and it made me laugh. But, then, so do soap operas - they're so over the top dramatic!

    I'm also putting a few links in for medicinal mushrooms - not sure if it's something you'd be interested in, but I wanted to put it out there. Medicinal mushrooms are showing promising results for many illnesses, cancer being one of them.

    Hoping I haven't overstepped any boundaries with these links.


    Have you

  3. Not at all:-) Thanks Kathy/Delphyne!

  4. I am going to follow in the footsteps of Delphyne and tell you about an amazing book called The Mind Body Connection by Dr John Sarno - at first glance it will look like it is a book about back ache, but it is so much more - a real eye opener. And do you know that marijuana has been proved to cure cancer - especially juicing the leaves - you can obtain it from a doctor - I know it sounds really out there, but I have seen and experienced the results from the above. hope you have a wonderful uplifting weekend

  5. Love your Monster calacas. Enjoy the cookies.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  6. This Alphabetty Monster looks so lovable. Movie: Rock of Ages............DVD was just released. Has the best of the 80's songs (with a little remaking, but not enough to lose it's original sound and messages). there are some good laughs in this one. Alec Baldwin out does himself on this one. Thanks to the ladies who gave movie suggestions. I'll be searching those myself. Laughing makes me feel incredible. Movies are a great tool for this. Deann, have a great weekend and a few laughs :)

  7. dear friend,

    yesterday was my son's 21 birthday! spent the entire day with family and for this joyous reason i was away from phones, computers. i asked him about funny movies and he offered you the Austin Powers movies. i have to admit, pretty funny spoof on james bond! i think i would follow the link to 100 funniest movies and work your way through them all! just be sure to mention the best of the best here for us so we can add more laughter to yours.
    love your calaca monsters, and love you!
    i stopped procrastinating and went for my mammogram in solidarity with you.
    thank you for that.


  8. Little Miss Sunshine!! such a GREAT, and hilarious movie!!!
    my personal pick for your friday night viewing pleasure!

  9. thinking of you so much and sending love.