Monday, October 1, 2012


     October has always been my favorite month.  So many people in my life have October birthdays- including me!  I also have a penchant for all things dark and mysterious - which October is full of.  And Halloween- a holiday devoted to dressing up and being creative- is my absolute favorite.  So, having chemo twice during the month of October completely sucks.   Halloween will fall on a day that I will be my most sick.  This is especially hard since I have little ones that count on me to make the holiday special.  I am sure I will figure something out - but I am disappointed.

   Rebecca Brooks is an awesome artist blogger who I have had the pleasure of working with in the past on the auctioned altars for Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots.  Today, she invited me to participate in a fun "la calaca a day- La Calaca Love" for the month of October.  Of course, I love all things skeletal- and thought why not?  I also love that Dia de los Muertos spirit of not fearing death- but laughing instead.  Living life without fear of death is an important thing to hold on to, especially at this particular juncture in my life when anxiety can keep me up at night.  So, I am going to try to participate as much as I can... they may not be long posts, but just a nice picture each day.   Luckily, my artist portfolio is full of them.  For more cool skulls, visit this link.
  Happy October.


  1. It's as if the calaca is whispering in her ear. Love the colors you used in your art.
    Stay positive.

  2. dear one,
    to walk any days in our beloved october together is a dream come true! my son was born october 11...for this and all the golden light the season has to offer, i LOVE october!
    your paintings always inspire me deeply. can't wait for your each and every offering!


  3. Ah yes. So many things to love about October. Your calaca is but one of them! Beautiful!

  4. This is really beautiful and I agree with your sentiment that living life without the fear of death is something to be remembered. Life and Death are the eternal Yin/Yang - the are both within each other.

  5. This painting is beautiful...savoring October myself