Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2, Calaca

So this is my second Calaca in the October series.  I love October!
For more cool skulls, visit Rebecca's blog at this link.

Today I honor my mother.  It is her birthday.  She is strong, smart, talented, and beautiful.  I am super excited because she is coming with my sister to visit tomorrow.  This is one of those times where I feel like a little girl desperately wanting my mother to come and comfort me.  My mother is also a cancer survivor.  She was diagnosed with Hodgkin s Lymphoma four years ago and has been in full remission.  I remember the pictures my sister took of her shaved head - especially the ones where they are laughing after having given my mom a very cool mohawk.  At the time, I was pregnant and couldn't travel to be at my mother's side.  It was hard.  I think I have a better understanding now than I ever could have about the kind of struggle my mom endured.   I am so looking forward to her visit, but I am also already sad that she will have to leave.


  1. Beautiful with such a serene look.
    Happy birthday to your mom!

  2. She is so very soulful and beautiful.

  3. querido,
    cómo llenar mi alma. que le rodea con la madre de amor todos los días del año. tan precioso para estar compartiendo con ustedes octubre.

  4. Beautiful. Happy Birthday to your mom and enjoy your time together.

  5. It is wonderful that you have this time to spend with your Mother. May you enjoy each moment. Lovely lacala.

  6. Cherish the days you have with your mom and sister.